Google Summer of Code - RTEMS

Wednesday, 19 April 2023ยท2 min to read
Google Summer of Code - RTEMS


Hi everyone! My name is Muhammad Sulthan Mazaya, I'm currently studying at Bandung Institute of Technology in my 6th semester as an Engineering Physics student. I have a very big passion for software engineering in general, so much so I have interned 3 times as a software engineer, won various hackathons, and built software stuff for my student organizations just so I can learn to code even more! I have worked in various projects including: web development, mobile development, microcontrollers, etc. I aspire to be an IoT engineer, I always love and am curious to learn more about low-level systems, especially embedded systems.

That is why, I decided to choose RTEMS Project for my GSoC organization. Other than that, I have always wanting to contribute to an open source. Given the opportunity to do so while learning things that I like is something I am very grateful and thankful for ๐Ÿ˜Š

Community Bonding Period

During this period, I will spend my time to align communication channels, deliverables, and expectations throughout this summer with my mentors. While doing that, I will also try to familiarize myself with the community and hopefully start contributing to bug fixes or feature implementation that the users/developers of RTEMS need. Related to my project, I will also spend my time to do the following:

  • Familiarize myself with the RTEMS codebase (especially rsb and rtems-tools)

    If I can wrap my head around it quickly enough, I will also start working on writing the build recipe of renode in the rsb codebase.

  • Start figuring out how to use Renode features (gdb debugging and network testing)

    I have been able to run sparc/leon3 and riscv/kendrytek210 on Renode thanks to Alan :) Soon, I will try to use the gdb and network testing tools that it provide (I will try to document this in the RTEMS docs as one of my GSoC deliverables).

That's it!

Well I guess that's my first GSoC blog, hopefully the project will goes successfully implemented into RTEMS :)